But instead you allow your fears to take over

  • You question the words you use – should I have said that.
  • Crowds frighten you – public speaking is not your first option.
  • There is no ease when speaking, even when it comes to answering simple questions.

What will it take for you to find your voice?

I will jump off the fence with you to help you find YOUR voice. I will travel far and wide to help YOU be heard!

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Back in the saddle again!

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I often ask clients, WHY?

Why is it important to listen to you and what you have to say? So, why should you listen or read what I have to say? Because I have a LOT to say! Working with teens has enlightened me that they too are full of knowledge. I believe my daughter chose ME. She is here to teach ME. As each day passes, I learn and grow.

As I stand in front of a class of teens, they teach me as I teach them. We laugh. We play. We learn. Read More

Are you the best?

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Do you avoid doing any part of your business? For some it is bookkeeping, emails, calling clients. For me, I have been avoiding this task of writing and blogging. For those of you who know me, you are saying ‘Whaaaat?!’. I have been avoiding putting my thoughts down to avoid the criticism or lack of perfection. This blog will also act as the first newsletter I send out to my subscribers! Read More

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    These tips will help you:

    • Manage any nervousness
    • Stay grounded during your presentation
    • Deliver a clear and confident message

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