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I am an authentic soul who connects people to living life and having fun. There is no better way than bringing your voice alive. I help you learn to communicate with ease, brighten your outlook on ‘public’ speaking and lighten the process with humor and fun!

When our voice is repressed, the ‘why me?’ syndrome evolves. Questioning who we are and why situations are happening to us. This was my case in 2008. I had managed to stay in an unsettled relationship where substance abuse was the elephant in the room. I had been drowning in their fear, unhappiness and lack of drive. The day I walked out with only the clothes on my back saying NO MORE, was the day my voice got just a little bit stronger.

In 2010 I claimed my REAL voice. I was in a turbulent friendship. There was a lot of toxicity and my health was affected with gallbladder attacks and remedied with surgery. I was financially ruined and everyone dear to me stayed clear of me. Even with my strong voice, I never seemed to be able to say what I really meant. I avoided confrontation until the day a line was crossed. Deep down, I knew it was all wrong. During a heated texting discussion, I refused to meet any demands. The moment I said NO, I could feel the weight physically lift from my shoulders.

The one thing I had under my belt through these tempestuous times was my drive to succeed. I am a bilingual professional with 10 years’ experience in the customer service industries. I am positive, expressive, dynamic and flexible. My emphasis is to guarantee a flawless customer experience. This has always been achieved by being truly authentic with my clients. I have been recognized repeatedly for my first-rate customer service by my clients, colleagues, and employers.

As I evolved and searched for ‘happiness’ in the work place, I was constantly reminded ‘be happy you have a job’. This was not comforting and confirmed there was always something missing in my professional career. I felt a part of me was not being heard. As I shifted into motherhood, I wanted my daughter to feel empowered at all times to speak her mind listen to her voice and master the art of communicating effectively. I knew this was the time to be the example – to share my passion for these areas!

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Finding your voice leads to freedom. It’s within who we are. It is our essence. It is our core. It changes lives.

I joined Toastmasters International in 2006. I realize this path of learning has shouldered my growth not only as a speaker, but to better communicate in everyday life. My goal was to improve on the skills I already had: controlling my vocal variety, making my point and honing in on my listening skills. Joining the Club Executive played an intricate role in my personal and professional development, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, authenticity and sincerity not only to my fellow executives but to the club members as well.

Nathalie has a passion for public speaking, whether it is developing herself in this art or teaching it to others. I had the opportunity of taking two classes with her and benefited tremendously from both. Every time any student went up to practice speaking she listened very carefully and tried to connect in order to understand and better guide them in their developmental process. She is very encouraging and works hard in bringing out each individual's strengths. She is very friendly and flexible. She adapted the class to suit the group's needs.

Samina Udin, NISA Support

A huge part of the Toastmaster experience is mentoring. Giving members the tools and guidance for success is probably the most rewarding part of the learning experience. I love to get participants excited about speaking; therefore, contributing to other’s success is fulfilling. I want you to get excited about your speaking capabilities!!!

In hindsight I have been a communicator for many years: leading groups of children on pirate parades, hosting crew award ceremonies and talent shows, managing committee meetings to coaching colleagues on how to deal with difficult clients. All the while being the ‘spark’ of the office! I emanate authenticity and sincerity.

I was given a gift to facilitate a public speaking group at the West Island Women’s Center in Pointe-Claire, Québec in the winter of 2014. These women were an incredible bunch who took on my weekly challenges with a smile. As we moved into the summer one of the participants asked me to facilitate the same program for her support group. Watching the women transform was rewarding in every way!

Being a two time self-published author has allowed me to share the process and the love I have for writing and speaking. I use my writing to inspire and motivate. Words have power, impact and transform.

It is important for me to work with the needs of my clients: preparing for a presentation, speech, talk radio or simply honing in on the use of language. I continually seek coaching from my mentors and professional speakers ensuring continually learning on my part.

Connecting people to living life and having fun is a daily practice! I feel fortunate that I have received the recognition from my peers and clients for the work I have done with them.

Nathalie’s public speaking course helped give me the self confidence I needed to take my public speaking ability to a whole new level. I became aware of and learned how to get rid of all of the filler words I was using so often.

Each week she gave us new ideas and information that we could then put to practice during the classes. It was amazing to see all the participants improve dramatically week by week. I highly recommend working with her! Thanks to Nathalie’s course I decided to join Toastmasters to continue to improve my speaking skills.

Sue-Anne Hickey, Naturopath

Through this rollercoaster we call life, I have embraced meditation, yoga and I am an avid walker. It is important for me to find balance in all facets of my life. Travel and culture are primordial parts of my living and now I am able to share these experiences with my husband and daughter. I continue to write, currently working on books about public speaking and my pregnancy. I am refining my professional speaking skills by attending the Montreal Chapter of CAPS. I continue to thrive to encourage everyone to FIND their VOICE.

The only effects you will feel when you find your voice are ones of happiness, relief and strength. When we center and connect to our voice, our message is vocalized and the physical and mental ailments that plague us melt away. We are ALL speakers! I am here to guide you to become the best speaker possible!!!

I have jumped off the fence to continue to find my voice. I will travel far and wide to be heard and help YOU be heard!

What will it take for you to find your voice?