pen to paper

Even as a seasoned speaker, it can sometimes be difficult to get the right words out to express how you feel. Yes it is true!

Therefore, do you sometimes feel everything you want to say is caught in your throat? You seem to be constantly clearing your throat or inherited an annoying cough? You wonder WHY this is happening?

I can totally relate. I have been battling a cold for two weeks. It is all bunched up in my throat. I searched for clarity to understand the real reason behind the cold. I did not have to look too far…

There have been significant changes in my life in 2015. I was let go from my stable 9-5 job, I am starting my own business, we purchased a home and I am attempting to balance all these novelties with ‘normal’ life with my husband and daughter. So yes, I am freaking out a little bit! To look like I am handling it, I went along with my day to day functions. I kept moving forward. I was basically containing anything and everything I was feeling or wanted to say.

What was I gaining by not speaking my truth and containing the words I needed to let out? Nothing. Sometimes you do not need to scream at the top of your lungs to be heard. I chose to sit in our sunny backyard with a coffee and my trusty journal. I let the words flow effortlessly through my pen.

Finding your voice leads to freedom. It’s within who we are. It is our essence. It is our core. It changes lives. Imagine if you could express yourself with ease and communicate your thoughts clearly anytime.

There are a multitude of ways to get your message out. Clear your throat and speak your truth.





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