Gentle reminder…BE authentic!

By April 16, 2015Blog

I have been a die-hard Toastmaster for almost 10 years. I have put myself in challenging positions and shuffled through the education program earning my Advanced Communicator Bronze and became a Competent Leader.

A few weeks ago I signed up to participate in the International Speech Contest. It happens every spring. If anything, it is fulfilling to participate. The ultimate goal is to win but in my case I wanted to challenge myself to put myself out there on a different level.

I dug up a speech I had done a few years ago and began modifying its content and flow. I practiced everywhere: the shower, the bus and even when changing my daughter! My speaking coach made an afternoon detour to help me shape the delivery. I felt confident (or so I thought!) walking into the contest.

Unfortunately I forgot one thing: to be myself. I was happy to have recorded the speech to watch it again. What I realized as the days went by was that I was saying the words, expressing the thoughts in a way that did not reflect who I truly was. It was delivered in a solemn way with a huge lack of energy! Exactly not what I am!

I am planning on reviewing the speech and giving it MY all. Tell me, are you always speaking your truth? Are you delivering your product with your authentic self in mind or uttering words that belong to someone else?

Embrace each word and let it flow out as YOU! I guarantee ease when you speak!

Here’s to being true!

Authentically yours,


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