The How and Why

How will becoming skilled at the art of speaking help you?

It is my opinion that we are all ‘public speakers’! We use speech every day to communicate our viewpoints, concerns and joys.

Imagine doing it without tripping over your words, gaining clarity with your thoughts, putting them in order before letting them flow out like a tamed river.

We work one-on-one or in groups to zone in on what areas are the most important to you and shape your delivery.

With weekly sessions and a lot of practice, we will refine your basic skills and embrace the art of giving fabulous presentations.

What I promise

  • My full support in your speaking journey
  • Access when required between sessions
  • Answers via email/phone within 48 hours
  • Weekly calls / check-ins (phone or Skype)
  • There may be homework in between sessions based on your speaking needs.
  • To adapt to your speaking needs and projects you may have in the pipeline
  • Fun & safe learning environment
  • topad

    These tips will help you:

    • Manage any nervousness
    • Stay grounded during your presentation
    • Deliver a clear and confident message

    Master your authentic voice…

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I would highly recommend your course to anyone interested in learning more about or improving their public speaking skills. I did learn a lot of valuable pointers such as avoiding filler words, making eye contact with the audience, making gestures (body language), and avoiding note reading.
I found your course to be very supportive especially when receiving feedback on what aspects need to be improved. ( To me, that is important in a public speaking course because it is quite common for people to find public speaking a bit intimidating.) Overall, I found your course to be quite a positive experience, and I would say you were a great teacher in the course.

Gabrielle Hébert, Office Clerk

I had the pleasure of attending one of Nathalie's public speaking courses in 2014. Her professionalism, flexibility and attention to her participants' needs made this experience enjoyable and highly enriching. She came prepared with a planned design for every class, though was flexible enough to adapt it to her participants' levels of learning.

Riham Ahmed, Faculty Member – Concordia University