Just press the EASY button…

By April 6, 2015Blog

We are a society that dwells on everything. What will they think? What will they say? Do I look ok? Don’t you want to say ‘who cares?’ sometimes?

I would like to propose a mantra for your speaking pleasure: ‘It is EASY’. I know, I know what you are thinking: she is nuts! There is nothing easy about speaking in front of a few people so forget about a roomful of people!

Chances are if you are doing a presentation in front of a crowd (big or small), they (the audience) want to see you succeed (yes it is true). When I mentor club members in Toastmasters, I remind them that EVERYONE had to do an icebreaker speech (1st speech of a series). We have all been there and we get it.

To ensure ease is fluid, you need to prep and practice! With adequate preparation of your material, your audience will be on your side. Coupled with the right amount of practice and repetition you are guaranteeing a slam dunk! This applies from for a first timer to the seasoned speaker.

There is one ingredient that is crucial for me when speaking is fun! I realize if you are a little nervous, fun is probably not leading the way. I encourage you to find that someone in the audience who is smilng and welcoming. Go back to them. You will in turn smile. Ease, smiles and fun will set in.

Remember: it can be easy. It is easy.

Authentically yours,


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