Right now my daughter has no barriers. There is no one judging what she does or what she says because she is ‘cute’. Everything she does is funny even when she yells ‘NO MOMMY!’ and scrunches up her nose.

I know one day she will have to stand in front of a room full of classmates and recite a poem or do a presentation on god knows what (we will probably be up late the night before putting it together!). What I do know is I want her to be confident and say ‘I got this’ when she does.

I only wish I felt confident back in the day. I remember the wretched feeling I had when I had to present to my classmates. In hindsight, I am sure many of them felt the same. I was just greener in the face.

At a recent event, I was asked if I would do presentation skills with teens in a nearby high school. I did not hesitate. I said yes. Imagine passing on what I love now but hated then? Imagine your children speaking with confidence, communicating clearly and saying what they really mean and presenting it well?

The following tips will guarantee a top notch presentation:

  • Smile – everyone loves to see those pearly whites!
  • Have a beginning, a middle and an end.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Breathe.

When you combine the above elements, everyone can shine! I have jumped off the fence to continue to find my voice. Are you ready to jump with me?


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