We all have a voice. Are people hearing yours?

Welcome to Master Your Authentic Voice, the fully customizable, signature program that is all about YOU. Touching on the critical cornerstones of effective self-expression, I will help you master the tools to speak sincerely and confidently, whether you’re in the office of a major client’s or the familiarity of your own living room.

Your authentic voice: what is stopping you?
Facing our fears is the first step in building self-confidence. Together, we’ll identify the key areas of your life where speaking is most prominent, as well as the limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of your full self-expression.

Values: your go-to!
Knowing who you are and what you value is key; not only in your business but in how you speak.  Are you tapping into what’s important when you communicate? I’ll show you ways to incorporate your values so that you speak with more authenticity and conviction, every time.

Shine! Every opportunity is a speaking opportunity
With your values in hand, you are ready to fully express who you are and what you do. Learn how to embrace—and enjoy—every opportunity to speak and share.

Put your talk on a diet!
At this stage of the speaking journey, you’ll become more aware of the language you use: replace all the verbal crutches with words that matter, and enjoy more credibility and impact on your audience.

Listen lavishly!
Good speaking starts with good listening. Discover a simple 3-step method that will allow you to tune into your clients’ needs and wants and capture their attention every time.

Present with passion!
Captivate people from the get go! This module focuses on the must-do’s to establish an immediate and fluid connection with your audience, and to build a signature speech that conveys an impactful message.

Speak up and shake it off!
We all know that gestures and vocal variety keep people interested, but how do we pull it off? This session promises to get you comfortable with your body and voice so you can leverage them in both your daily interactions and formal presentations. Easy peasy!

Fine-tune your funny bone!
Laughing is some of the best medicine out there. Learn how to naturally pepper the humour into your speaking, and stand out and be remembered.

Stress? What stress?
Being calm and collected for a presentation is so much better than freaking out! We’ll explore proven techniques such as visualization and meditation to help you prepare and manage every speaking opportunity.

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    These tips will help you:

    • Manage any nervousness
    • Stay grounded during your presentation
    • Deliver a clear and confident message

    Master your authentic voice…

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Testimonial (From the Heart) for Nathalie

Nathalie is organized, professional and memorable! Her joyous approach to public speaking is infectious. As a coach, she begins with your strengths, provides perceptive feedback and develops the best in you. Coupled with her personal integrity, Nathalie’s skills make her an extremely effective mentor. You will not be able to forget her once she has worked her magic on you.

Educator, Lester B Pearson School Board and Kells Academy, Montreal
Past President, Montreal Westward Rotary Club
Past VP Public Relations, NDG Leader ToastMasters Club

Malcolm Mazumdar

Nathalie has a passion for public speaking, whether it is developing herself in this art or teaching it to others.
I had the opportunity of taking two classes with her and benefited tremendously from both. Every time any student went up to practice speaking she listened very carefully and tried to connect in order to understand and better guide them in their developmental process.
She is very encouraging and works hard in bringing out each individual's strengths.
She is very friendly and flexible. She adapted the class to suit the group's needs.

Samina Udin, NISA Support