There are many quotes about words having power. Often, people around me serve as life lessons and sources of inspiration for my next piece of writing.

Recently, someone I know compared me to a tree who stands alone on an island as a form of criticism for my life and business choices. At first I felt a pinch. Ouch! Was it true?

Am I really all alone on this life journey? As a speaker and facilitator I often find myself on my own: working at home, meeting clients or speaking in front of a group. Am I limiting myself by solely focusing on words and how they are expressed?!

I sat back and reflected on this when it occurred to me that I AM on an island: the “Master Your Authentic Voice Island.”   As I look around, I stand tall and proud as I sway with the wind and go with the flow.  I feel my roots deep and connected with the earth as it nourishes me in every way.  This makes me resilient and strong to any challenge that may come my way.   Not only do I feel nurtured, I feel nurturing as a facilitator who is able to provide support, comfort and confidence to my clients with ease and grace.

Around me, I notice there are many other trees such as my husband, daughter, friends, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. This island is looking pretty inviting and beautiful, actually,  I’m rather liking this island that I have created.

I admit that choosing to become an entrepreneur was a huge leap. I live in uncharted waters but stay afloat with my core values of authenticity, humor and playfulness. I sway with integrity and confidence. I choose my words carefully when I consult and facilitate. I want my words to uplift not only my clients but everyone else with whom I communicate.

Speaking opportunities occur daily whether with one client or a group. When we face these speaking challenges, acquiring basic skills, using strategic words and having mentors help make the experience effortless and more enjoyable.

On reflection,  I am more convinced that my tree is well-placed on the path I’ve chosen on this beautiful island  bathed in the glow of a hot sun, surrounded by the lushness of other trees and which can only be described as Paradise.
What does your island look like?



Nathalie is a lover of words with two self-published books of poetry. Her goal is to share the basics in public speaking and presenting to kids and teens. As a shy child, she can identify with the fear and stress when anyone needs to stand in front of a crowd. With over 15 years experience working with kids of all ages, her programs are fun, interactive and all is done in a safe learning environment.




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