The weeks leading up to a birth are often met with turmoil. It is often recommended to write down your feelings on paper to grasp an understanding of the emotions you are living. The following published poem (Taking Shape) danced onto the paper:

I crossed the line
Making the shift
The womanhood
I have always known

Looking back in the distance
Through the haziness
At what was
Looking forward to
A plethora
Of adventure
My new identity
Of Motherhood
For the moment

The line is gray
I sway
Between both worlds
Clinging to
What was
What will be
Forever connected to
The inner me

My roots
Holding onto my integrity
Purposely creating balance
A self-service
Wearing the right shoes
At the right time
Being my

We are faced with an equal part of excitement and fear with the arrival of a new human being. The fear being losing one’s identity we work so hard to build in our 20s, 30s and even 40s! Where will the spontaneity of late night dinners, movies and socializing? How do we preserve the BEings we created in ourselves?

The pre-mommy ME could never disappear! She would remain and our addition would adapt herself to our new found reality. Holding on to important values such as friendship, creativity, love, family would create the needed foundation.

Becoming a trio heightened the accountability in our lives. Being present and setting the example became a priority; embracing my authenticity and shining! There was no longer a gray zone. She reinforced all the additional values I was willing to embrace for US: compromise, believing in myself and most of all sharing the gift of authenticity.

The shift was accepting my new identity, knowing I would hold on to the old identity and discovering a whole new world.

Remember, when you find your (authentic) voice you are free. It’s within who we are. It is our essence. It is our core. It changes lives.

I will jump off the fence with you to help you find YOUR voice. I will travel far and wide to help YOU be heard!



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