You never know

By April 6, 2015Blog

When I was a young child, I had the deepest fear of speaking out. For those who know me now, I know, I l know you can hardly believe it! Going to the teacher’s desk seemed like a far trek in the rainforest. Is anyone watching me?

What will they say? I lived with anxiety and weekly migraine headaches. The pain was so intense not even a dark room could soothe the suffering.

Fast forward 20 years and a voice uncovered. I realized I felt better when I said what I was feeling. My voice shook a little and I still worried about what people would think. The important thing is my voice was emerging. While I was enrolled in a Basics of Event Planning course, we had to put on an event. We decided on an auction and I was nominated to be the auctioneer. I had no clue how to take on this role but welcomed it with open arms.

It was that night someone suggested I visit Toastmasters. Not long after I joined a club. I sat, watched and listened. I digested everything anyone said, putting it in my back pocket for later use. Some of it I kept and some of it I ignored. Today, I embrace and am passionate about speaking. More importantly I want to get you excited about speaking and be your authentic self (with a splash of fun!). With some simple tools and hands on approach I welcome you to contact me for more information on my customized programs.

Together we will jump off the fence and find YOUR authentic voice.


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