Master your voice, master your message

  • Do you question the words you use? – should I have said that.
  • Do crowds frighten you? – public speaking is not your first option.
  • Do you find there is no ease when speaking, even when it comes to answering simple questions.

What will it take for you to find your voice?

I will jump off the fence with you to help you find YOUR voice. I will travel far and wide to help YOU be heard!

Services and Programs

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    These tips will help you:

    • Manage any nervousness
    • Stay grounded during your presentation
    • Deliver a clear and confident message

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My husband and I reached out to Nathalie to help us feel more comfortable and confident while speaking. We often struggled telling stories, used many filler words and were not as eloquent as we’d like to be. After several sessions with Nathalie, we have noticed a big change and feel much better about our speaking abilities. She’s taught us how to take pauses and be more cautious in the words we use and structure our stories better. Every session was super fun, as she is very energetic and kind, but also is tough enough to correct you so you can improve. What really surprised me was how much fun we had while doing the sessions! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a speaking coach.

Dalia and Mark

Everyone should have a speech coach!
Some people have things to say, but lack confidence. Some have confidence, but lack finesse. Yet others have something to say, but need help to get their ideas out. Nathalie can help with all of the above!

Being a teacher, I am used to speaking in front of students and parents, but the thought of delivering a ‘talk’ to a huge crowd of professionals was daunting. Natalie gave me tips that helped to take the edge off. Working with Nathalie was easy, she is down to earth, friendly and funny. My sessions felt like talking with a friend over coffee. Thanks Natalie!

Daphne AmsterTeacher LBPSB

Well, here's what I did when my 13 year old was having a teenaged style meltdown (at nearly 10 pm about her presentation at school the next day.... I poured myself another glass of wine and skyped Nathale to help her. Here is Ayla's testimonial: Nathalie is generous, understanding, and helpful to all teens in need of extra training in public speaking. She is incredibly thoughtful and is wise in her advice. She helps with breathing techniques and ways to conquer stage fright alike. Seriously a wonderful coach! Thanks so much for helping me get over my fears. So really the rule is: When it is your kid, you can drink!