About me 2021


A twelve-year-old girl. She has auburn hair, green eyes and is very shy. So shy, she can barely make it to the front of the class to speak to her teacher. Each and every time, the fear overtakes her, and her eyes well up with tears. Try as she might, she can’t let her voice be heard. The fear is stronger than she has ever experienced.

That twelve-year-old girl was me. I shook. I trembled. I dreaded being the center of attention.

Nearly thirty years later, my daughter, Adèle, was born. Another little girl in the world. Would she have a voice? Would she have the courage to speak? I made it my mission to give her and others a confident voice. Everyone-including you-has the right to be heard.

Getting there, though, is another story. It can seem overwhelming, I get it.

But now imagine this: You have a game plan. And a cheerleader. And slowly, but surely, you discover your voice and your message.

That’s where I come in.

Through compassion, a proven structure and process, and a whole lot of fun and humour, I help my clients navigate the world of speaking. When you master the skills you need to be an exceptional speaker, you:

  • Shine as the expert in your field. (I mean, you know what you are talking about, right?)
  • Create a connection with your audience
  • Invite people to engage with you and with what YOU have to say
  • Enjoy powerful, authentic conversations with clients/colleagues

My early career was aboard cruise ships, where I trained crew and staff to deliver exceptional customer service. With nearly twenty years in tourism, sales and customer service, training the speaking realm was a natural flow for me.

Today, organizations including Rogers, the Dillar Foundation,  MUHC, APEQ, and McGill University have benefited from my unique and interactive training approach. I have also worked with network marketing professionals, school boards, libraries and entrepreneurs.

The mould may be different every time, however the outcome is the same. We want to feel confident and credible when we speak in our respective fields.

I will jump off the fence with you.

Are you ready to take the leap with me?