Does it sometimes feel like your message or business ideas are not being heard? I get it! Whether it be a conversation, small group work or recruiting new clients, we are constantly faced with opportunities to speak. Using the right words to convey that message needs to be strategic. I believe every opportunity is a speaking opportunity. At Master Your Authentic Voice, the speaking programs aim to help professionals master self-confidence and self-expression. The program gives the tools to those in business to express themselves with ease bringing more joy and purpose to your daily interactions.

Above and Beyond
Explore how body basics, phone etiquette, speaking fundamentals can engage and retain your customers. Discover your speaking style and help communicate with more clarity. This can be done as individual coaching or group training.

The Essentials
Get ready for a four journey of speaking fundamentals for business. Use the DISC Assessment to leverage your interaction with clients, employees and prospects. Be ready to practice and showcase you and your business.

Creating Connections
Three hours of discovering and crafting your story to identify and grasp those speaking opportunities. Mastering the art of ‘’small talk’’. Gain ease with (potential) clients by highlighting yourself with confidence and creating solid & memorable connection.

Leadership: know yourself, speak your truth
Participants will complete a DiSC assessment to help them best identify their communication styles and how to adapt their style to better communicate with team members/employees. They will also learn how to identify the styles of others permitting a more effective communication.

This interactive workshop will bring awareness and help leverage conversations.

Psst…all the programs are ideal for group trainings BUT if you prefer to work individually we can make that work too!

I had a choice of coaches for my TEDx talk and I chose Nathalie because I could tell that she is a “straight to the point” type of person, and she can communicate with few words but big messages. Nathalie is attentive to everything that is going on around her, and I love the way she thinks.
Great coaches and manager are organized, they follow up, they aren’t afraid of crucial conversations, and because of their high level of empathy, they know who to connect with people. Nathalie reflects these characteristics, and skill sets in everything she does.

My husband and I reached out to Nathalie to help us feel more comfortable and confident while speaking. We often struggled telling stories, used many filler words and were not as eloquent as we’d like to be. After several sessions with Nathalie, we have noticed a big change and feel much better about our speaking abilities. She’s taught us how to take pauses and be more cautious in the words we use and structure our stories better. Every session was super fun, as she is very energetic and kind, but also is tough enough to correct you so you can improve. What really surprised me was how much fun we had while doing the sessions! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a speaking coach.

Dalia and Mark