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About Teen Talk

Do you remember your high school years? Most people spend their teens wishing they had a little more self-confidence. Imagine your listeners discovering that their teens could start the next school year with more self-confidence and the ability to express themselves effectively.

Enter The TEEN TALK PROGRAM which offers youth aged 12-17 the opportunity to master public speaking and presentation skills techniques, all while connecting with themselves and with others.

The TEEN TALK PROGRAM offers a unique creative outlet that not only empowers teens to express themselves with power and effectiveness but gives them some of the most vital skills for future success.

Nathalie suffered from debilitating shyness as a teenager, so she knows what it really feels like to not enjoy the speaking experience. Her twenty plus years of working with kids and students in teaching environments has left her with the ability to impact and create immediate connections. With authenticity, humor and fun leading the way, students come out feeling empowered and confident.

How it works

It all starts with a conversation.

The reality is, each school, youth group and student are different. The Teen Talk Program is tailored to work with each class, group and team.

We will explore, gain awareness and confidence in these areas:

  • Put your language on a diet – sound more credible.
  • Present with passion! – Captivate your audience.
  • Speak up! – get comfortable with your voice. Use it effectively.
  • Shake it off! – get comfortable with your body. Heighten awareness.
  • Listen lavishly!Good speaking starts with good listening.

The key is to make the experience fun and inspiring! Speaking is about so much more than a presentation. The program gives our youth the tools to express themselves with ease but, more importantly, powerfully celebrate their unique voices.

Nathalie was easy to work with and helpful in tailoring a workshop to the needs of my group. She is a friendly and fun facilitator who relates well to teens and holds their interest throughout the presentation. She has an interactive style and in just one session she imparted many tools for effective communication that the teens continue to use, formally and informally, months later.

-Diller Foundation

Nathalie has a special way of making everyone around her feel comfortable and important. With her infectious personality and sense of humor, she drew the girls in right away She helped them find their true voice and to speak with passion and confidence. She created a safe space for the girls to be open with each other. She listened to each and every one of them and taught them skills that will serve them very well in all aspects of life; be it for a school presentation, a job interview, building up their teammates during a difficult game or as future leaders in their communities.

Renee Record- Hawks Soccer Team